Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY // Glass Etching

Glass etching is a great way to personalize glass items in your home as well as a way to create unique gifts or wonderful party favors. For our home we wanted to label our cruets, and wanted them to have a warm feel but not to scream DIY. 

Armour Etch, Tape or Clear Con-Tact 

[Step 1 ]
Stick your design onto the surface of the glassware. Then paint on the etching cream with a disposable brush.

[Step 2]
After about 5 - 10 minutes and remove the cream and tape under warm water. 

  • Start with clean and dry glass
  • Remove any clumps of the cream
  • Press all you tape down firmly and make sure there are no tiny cuts in your design. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best Thrifting // North Side Chicago

Several years ago, when Ace and I were planning our wedding we decided to thrift for almost everything to stretch our minuscule budget. We jumped into the car with very little thrifting knowledge and drove from thrift store to thrift store with little to no luck. We eventually found a few amazing thrift stores that had the items we needed at a great price. Seeking out flatware, plates, cups, and fabric for the wedding we were soon regulars for the weekly sales. During this time we discovered hidden gems that expanded our wardrobe and furnished our apartment and served 50 of our closest friends and family at our wedding. 

[1] Unique Thrift Store
This is a fabulous place to find kitchenware such as glasses, knives and bowls. They also have an incredibly wide selection of curtains, sheets and scrap fabric. Every Monday, every week, everything is 50% off, yeah that’s right, 50% off. But, be careful it gets really busy be ready to fight for your items. 

[2] Unique Thrift Store
Much like the Unique Thrift Store on Sheridan, this store also has weekly sales and great prices but is considerably smaller and doesn’t much carry furniture. Its location keeps it from getting picked over so the clothing selection is often higher quality. 

[3] Green Element Resale

Recently opened this thrift store has something different of offer; the large backroom is full of antique and uncommon furniture as well as old windows and stained glass. Books and back issues of several popular magazines line the far wall.  Mid-century clothing and shoes are frequent finds at this location.