Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY// Where We've Been

We've been looking for a "Where You've Been" map for a while. Looking in every store possible for the perfect map in a color scheme that matched our apartment and lives. We were looking for a United States map specifically as we wanted the map to be fairly detailed.  Finally, we found a map at Paper Source.

We wanted to create an interactive piece of art that told a story about of travels as individuals and as a couple. It turned out to be a wonderful conversation piece because it allowed our friends to ask us about our travels around the nation as well as tell us stories about their travels. 

1 //  Map
2 // Spray Adhesive
3 // A Roller
4 // Map Tacks

Spray the adhesive on a foam core board or piece of cardboard. You will want to do this outside or lay down plastic as it will be very sticky and impossible to remove from surfaces.

Also, make sure the foam core is exactly the size of your artwork. If  not, you will need to cut it down to size on your own or you can ask an employee at your local craft store; most art and crafts store will cut them for a small fee. 

Line up two corners of map at one end of the foam core and gently place down. Using the roller, gently press the rest of the paper onto the foam core.
Once the map is down you can then use the roller to press out any remaining air pockets. You may need a partner in crime for this step. 

// If you do not own a roller you can use a rolling pin. //

Have fun placing your map tacks where you've been or where you someday what to go. 

We divided our colors into three categories:
Yellow // His
Green // Hers
Blue // Ours'