Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY // Valentine's Day Box

Thanksgiving is a time when we are all thankful of the wonderful things life has granted us; family, friends, delicious meals, a roof over our heads. But, we often forget about the smaller everyday things that make us smile and brighten up our day.  This Valentine’s Day project is all about highlighting those smaller moments.

This project is for everyone, roommates, families, co-workers.

Every time someone dose something special or nice or you think this person is wonderful because…write it down, fold it up and put into the Valentine’s Day box. After a week or a couple days of everyone having written messages open the box and pass it around the table having everyone taking a turn to read a message out loud.  


[Step 1]
Wrap the box just like you would wrap a present.

[Step 2]
Cut a hole through the top of the box.

[Step 3]
Decorate, with your own handmade stamps!

[Step 4]
Cut up some paper and start leaving notes.

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