Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Things I Carry // Tulle

[1] Magazines
Living in Chicago, I spend a lot of time on public transportation an having magazines in my bag always give me something to read or beautiful images to look at. I've been obsessed with The New York Times Magazine for several years because of it's stunning photographs and intriguing articles.   

[2] Current Project // Wedding Album 
I'm working on some hand-lettering for my wedding album and I never know when I'll have a couple minutes to doodle. 

[3] Lip Balm
When it's this cold outside I can't leave the house without it. And it never hurts to have a tinted lip balm on hand.  

[4] Pens, Pencils and Eraser 
For hand-lettering and any note taking.

[5] Food
Usually, I carry carrots or Greek yogurt to work for a mid-shift snack but lately I haven't been able to stop eating sour candy.

[6] Phone and Wallet 

[7] Headphones
I'm constantly in need of  headphones.

[8] Rhodia DotPad
The Rhodia Dotpad is relatively new to my life but I have grown freakishly attached to it. Not only is it perfect for hand lettering but the paper is perforated at the top so I always have scratch paper when I need it.  

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