Monday, February 4, 2013

Things We Carry // Wrench

Working at a bike shop I constantly get the question: What do you keep in your bag?
All of these items fit neatly into the front two pockets of my large Bailey Works Bag

{1} Bailey Works Bag
Its important to have a bag that fits comfortably and meets your needs. My Bailey Works Bag, which has a large compartment and some smaller internal and external pockets meets my needs.
{I will be doing a more in depth review of the bag later.}

{2} U-Lock
Nothing special here. The U-lock from Kryponite remains to be the standard. Its thick steel that keeps most hand held cutting tools at bay.

{3} Multi-Tool
A multi tool can be a great way to save some weight and space in your bag. This tool by Serfas contains a set of allen keys, a chain break tool, and some basic wrench sizes.

{4} Frame Pump
This will NOT get you enough pressure for a permanent fix. This will only get you home or to the nearest bike shop. An alternative would be using CO2 cartridges but these can only be used once and at 4-7 dollars each it can get pricey in the long run.

{5} Batteries
My lights use AAA batteries so I like to keep a set on me in case my lights go out.

{6} Tire Levers
Used to change a flat tire.

{7} Adjustable wrench
If you have bolt on wheels you will need this to get your wheel off. Typically, axel nuts are 15mm but I like the adjustable wrench, because I can use the wrench for other parts of my bike.

{8} Spare Inner Tube
A spare inner tube can mean the difference between running 15 minutes late or running and hour late. I prefer this to a patch kit because its faster and more secure than gluing a patch on an inner tube.

{9} Gloves
Nothing makes my commute feel longer than numb fingers. I just keep a pair of light weight gloves just in case the weather gets a bit nippy.

{10} Pen & Pad
You always seem to need a pen and paper when you don't have one, so I keep it handy.

Other things to consider: A thin light weight rain jacket and pants, Food (cliff bar or power bar), a water bottle, bungee cords

What do you keep in your bag? 

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