Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY // Vinyl Coasters

Excited about our new record player, we decided to run out a purchase a stack or records at our local record store. Some of the purchases we made out of the dollar bin and we were stuck with some records that were unplayable. So, we decided to make some coasters out of them.

A Vinyl record that has seen better days and a tin can (choose a can that has the diameter that you desire)

Can opener, wooden spoon, a pair of oven mitts, and a bit of sand paper

{Step 1}
Use the can opener to cut the top and bottom of your can.

{Step 2}
Heat the can on the stove

{Step 3}
Grab your oven mitts and press the hot side of your can into the record. Sometimes the vinyl will stick to the inside of the can use a wooden spoon to poke them out. 

{Step 4}
Some of the edge may be a bit rough so go over them with a bit of medium grit sand paper

Each record will wield about 4-6 coasters depending on the size of your tin can.

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