Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Tickets to California

We recently visited family in California.  Along the way we found some great spots to eat, shop, and hangout. 

[Handsome Coffee Roasters]  
Handsome coffee roasters is a fairly new shop celebrating their first anniversary on Friday still they have gotten a lot of attention. The menu is simple, just four items, but don't let that intimidate you the drinks are exceptional

Located in Los Angeles Arts District, Handsome is an open and inviting shop with long wooden tables and simplistic metal stools.  

[French Press]
French Press is a fantastic coffee shop in Santa Barbara, CA. Since our last visit they have only grown. 

[The Refill Shoppe]

The Refill Shoppe is a place where you can refill bottles with shampoo, conditioner, and various soaps all of which are made locally. Once you have filled your bottle you can also create a custom scent.
The colorful wool balls are dryer balls that replace dryer sheets. They reduce static and make clothes fluffy but never need to be replaced and you can add any essential oils to them.

[The Vinyl Warehouse]
We got a record player for Christmas and have been searching for vinyl to add to our very small collection. Our friends told us about a warehouse that was converted into a record store and said it was full of cheap vinyl, almost everything is 3 dollars or 2 for 5! 

[The Ventura Pier] 
A wonderful place to take in the ocean and not a crowded as the Santa Barbara Pier. Also, it was made famous by Little Miss Sunshine.

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