Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cupcake Flags

It's no secret that I love cupcakes. I almost like to make them more than eat them. Ever since I got my Kitchen Aid mixer I look forward to making cupcakes for every holiday and random party. I'm constantly on the hunt for new cupcakes recipes and new ways to decorate them. 

I found a package of short craft skewers at a local craft store near my home and I've also seen them online at restaurant supply stores. 

For my wedding I made over fifty cupcake flags with ribbon and hot glue. Although, I loved the end result it was messy and time consuming. This project was so much easier not only is Washi Tape already adhesive but you can buy it in all kinds of different patterns and colors to fit any theme and color scheme. Buy, buy glue gun and burnt fingers.

1 // Scissors
2 // Craft skewers
3 // X-Acto
4 // Washi Tape

Step 1 // Measure out your desired length of Washi Tape. I made 5 inch stripes so each flag would be 2 1/2 inches long. 

Step 2 // Place your craft skewer in the middle of the Washi Tape. Firmly press the skewer onto the washi tape and make sure they have adhered. 

Step 3 // Bring the two sides together starting with the pieces closest to the skewer. Make sure to keep the sides aligned. Don't worry if one side is slightly longer than the other. We're gonna trim it. 

Step 4 // Finish by creating your desired shape. You can finish them in any style you would like: keeping them straight, using a pair of pinking shears, or my personal favorite cutting out a triangle. 

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