Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Minimalist Challenge // DAY 4

We're 4 days into the minimalist challenge and I can’t see a visual change. I can see why a lot people quit during the second week of this challenge. It's hard and, I'm not a materialistic person. I hate clutter and stuff. HATE IT. It's hard because it requires a lot of time, time to sort out the things that are important from the things that aren't. You have to organize the junk drawer that hides all those random odd and ends. Further into the month, it will only take more time. The project becomes daunting.

But, with every item I throw away I feel a sense of accomplishment. Change is around the corner a new chapter in my life is beginning. A cleaner, calmer and more productive life is closer than it was three days ago. That feels fantastic and enough to keep me going.  

 Two t-shirts // Cordless Drill // Power Cord
Pair of Shoes // Bottle // Two Packs of Paper 

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